Setting Up Your First Domain with Advantage CSP

Setting Up Your First Domain

Listed below are the steps to create your first domain.

  • Open Visual Studio.
  • From the menu toolbar select – File –>New–>Project

In the list of valid projects, select “AdvantageCSP Project” (you can filter the list if required)

  • Open the web.config file and configure the connection string as required (don’t forget to save!)

Connection String

    <add name="AdvantageCSPConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=[Server];Initial Catalog=[Database];User ID=[User];Password=[Password]" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />


Initial Configuration

Upon launching AdvantageCSP for the first time, the configuration screen will automatically appear. This "first run" setup is designed to guide you through the initial configuration process.

  1. Review Connection String
    • The setup will prompt you to review your database connection string. Ensure that it is correctly configured to communicate with your database server.
  2. Enter License Key
    • If you have acquired a valid license key, you'll be asked to enter it during this step. This key is essential for activating your AdvantageCSP installation.
  3. Select Default Domain Name
    • Choose the default domain name for your site. This domain will be used to access your AdvantageCSP admin panel and website.

Starting AdvantageCSP

To launch AdvantageCSP, follow these steps in your development environment:

  1. From the menu, select Debug -> Start without Debugging or use the shortcut Ctrl+F5.
    • Important: It is crucial to start AdvantageCSP without debugging enabled during the setup process. This ensures that the domain creation can proceed smoothly, unpacking all necessary code files and modules for your selected domain.

Accessing the Admin Panel

Once AdvantageCSP is running, proceed to access the admin panel:

  1. Open your web browser and navigate to http://localhost:XXXX/admin, replacing XXXX with the appropriate port number assigned to your AdvantageCSP instance.

Finalizing Setup

The final steps in the setup process involve verifying your configuration and completing the setup wizard:

  1. Verify Connection String
    • Ensure your connection string is correctly configured. The setup wizard will verify if the provided username and password have the appropriate access rights. If correct, the AdvantageCSP database will be created.
  2. Follow the Setup Wizard
    • The wizard will guide you through the remaining setup steps. Follow the instructions carefully to configure your AdvantageCSP environment.
  3. Stop Runtime Environment
    • Once you have completed the wizard, stop your runtime environment. This action will finalize the creation of the website's default files and configurations.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up AdvantageCSP. You're now ready to start managing your content and exploring the features of AdvantageCSP.

Verify your connection string.  If your username/password has proper access the Advantage CSP database will be created.

Follow the wizard.  Once completed Stop your runtime environment, and all of the website default files will have been created.


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