In the Content Manager users have the ability to see an entry within a tool in its various states across their website. For example, if you have a product entry in your Product Manager, or an article in your News Article manager that you would like to preview, you select News Article in the menu and click the pencil icon for the article, when that loads you will click Actions button on the top right.


Click on Preview and the preview window will load in a new tab of your browser with an additional panel located in the top left of the preview window.



Once loaded, you will see every instance in your sitemap where the content, in this case the News Article, has been nested via its module counterpart (see image above). Green denotes active versions of the content and grey denotes draft versions of the content. This will allow the users to walk through their site and see selected content in various states without having to look for every instance where the module has been placed in the Page Manager’s Navigation Manager.

Share a Preview Link

In the top left corner of this preview there is the option to Create A Share Link by clicking on that button a link will pop up that the admin can copy and email to the appropriate users for review.

If the admin wants to password-protect their preview URL, this is done by selecting the expiry duration from the drop-down, followed by typing in a password in the optional password field. Once the URL is shared, the recipient will be prompted to login before viewing the preview page.


Along the top right of the preview window are the Emulator options. You can emulate how the page will render on a Desktop, Tablet, Tablet - landscape, Smartphone, Smartphone - landscape, by clicking on the corresponding icon.