Upgrading Advantage CSP: Essential Steps

  • Preparation: Before initiating an upgrade, ensure you take a comprehensive backup of your entire codebase and database to prevent any data loss.
  • Source Files: Obtain the latest source files for the upgrade from the official repository.

Repo View 

  • Configuration Backup: Securely backup your configuration files, including the web.config files located at the root and /admin directories, as well as the global.asax file.

Backup Files

  • File Replacement: Replace the existing files in your project or website with the new ones from the downloaded source.
  • Configuration Update: Carefully compare and integrate any changes from the new web.config and global.asax files into your existing configuration.
  • Version Control: If you're using a version control system, make sure to add all new files from the update to your repository.

Following these steps will ensure a smooth upgrade process for your Advantage CSP installation

For additional information, to purchase a license, or if you require assistance with the upgrade process, please visit our official website or contact our support team.


Disclaimer and Access Requirements for Upgrading Advantage CSP

Please note that to proceed with the upgrade steps for Advantage CSP, you must have authorized access to the source code repository. Access to proprietary source files is restricted and requires appropriate permissions. Unauthorized copying, modification, or distribution of the source code is strictly prohibited and may be subject to legal action.

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