Managing Pages in Advantage CSP

Managing Pages in Advantage CSP

Creation Date: March 22, 2024
Created By: Oren Shapiro

# Page Manager - Overview

The Page Manager is where you can create, manage, edit your top-level pages of your website, like your homepage. It is where you site navigation (menu) is located and the unstructured content that you can use Drag-and-Drop widgets to design your pages.

1. Click on Page Manager
Click on  Page Manager
2. Pages

This is where you will see all your top-level pages and menu items of your website.

3. How to Move a Page

Hold and drag the page to the position you want. If you move the page, it will also move its location on the website.

How to Move a Page
4. Edit a Page

Click on the Paper Icon will lead you the edit page screen for a page.

Edit a Page
5. Page Properties

Clicking on the Wheel Icon will lead you to the Page Settings, where you can control items such as Title, Description, Keywords and other page controls.

Page Properties
6. Add a New Page

Click this button to add a page nestled below the menu item you are click on.

Add a New Page
7. Rename a Page

Click on the Pencil & Paper icon to rename a page.

Rename a Page
8. Click on Delete

Click on the X to delete a page.

Click on Delete
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