Page Manager

The Page Manager is where you can view your website’s site structure as it lists all your pages in a navigation tree. The small grey arrow beside a page name is used to expand that section and see the other pages within it.

Topics covered in this article:

  • Move
  •  Content
  •  Properties
  • Add
  • Rename
  • Delete

Across the top of the Page Manager view you will see the options of MoveContentPropertiesAddRename and Delete. The Home page cannot be moved, renamed, or deleted. More on these options below.


By clicking the Move icon in the row of a page you wish to move it will highlight the row blue and while holding the left mouse button you can now drag the page to place it in the navigation tree where you need it. Look for the thin grey line below the page you wish to position the page you are moving and release the left mouse button.

In the example below the Reading page is being dragged and moved between the Travel and Food page as the thin grey line shows where it will be placed when the mouse button is released.

Note: this is move is done live and takes effect immediately. A refresh of the active page on your website will show the change made.


Pressing the icon for Content will take you to the Content window for that website page and you will see near the top left DraftLive and Historical Tabs. On the top right are the Back to ListActions and Functions buttons. A panel of Drag and Drop Widgets is also in the top right of the Content window.

Note:  Do not the browsers back arrow to return to the Page Manager view as this take you to a different page within Advantage CSP. Instead use the Back to List whenever you see it near the top right of the page.

A more detail look at all the features of the Content window and how to use them is found in this article, Page Manager: Content.


Pressing the Properties icon takes you to the Properties window for that website page and you are presented with the Properties, Search Categorizations, Open Graph and Custom Tabs near the top left of the window. On the top right you will see the Back to List and Update buttons.

A more detail look at all the features of the Properties window and how to use them is found in this article, Page Manager: Properties.


Adding pages to your website's structure is easily done with the Add button. Once clicked the Add Page dialogue box opens where you will name the page and can choose to duplicate the same formatting and structure of a current page by selecting one from the Page to copy from drop-down menu, or click Blank. Click save and the page will added to the navigation tree. You can then go into Content to make any further changes to the new page you have added.


By clicking on the Rename icon a small window pops up and you simply type the new name of the page and click OK.


To delete a page from your website simply click on the Delete icon, a small window will ask you to confirm that you wish to delete that page.